Solmaz Fooladi
Ukrainian architect of Iranian origin (architect)

Correctly understanding the client's requests, needs and psychology, and then realizing it in a comfortable, stylish form is a difficult creative task, the process of solving which is the essence of the work of a designer, architect.

Solmaz Fooladi was born in Iran, took place professionally in Ukraine, for more than 10 years it has been successfully creating its own unique projects, easily combining complex technical solutions, sometimes combining the incompatible, experimenting with materials, while subtly feeling the style, not forgetting about functionality! There are no restrictions for her - from classics to loft, American style with its bright accents; from residential premises - to restaurants, offices, both interiors - and exteriors, landscapes! More than a hundred successful completed projects, noted in many, including international competitions, such as the A'Design Award competition, Design & Design, SPID Londn, Interir Goda - speak for themselves! Concrete in her hands becomes delicate and romantic, brutal Loft - cozy, classic bedrooms - functional. Unique furniture from the designer Solmaz Fooladi- is another direction that adds charisma to its objects, and the "Egg Chair of Concrete" has brought the author international fame!


Studio Persian Primavera

Kangaroo Nursery School


Optics Collection

The work on joint projects has helped to implement fresh and new ideas in unexpected ways. In collaboration with YourFoRest, Solmaz created a line of individual wooden panels - Optics. Thus were born three unique projects - 3D Cube, Hexagon and Hexagon S.

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Bedrooms project

Our cooperation with Solmaz Fooladi isn`t limited by her own author's collection of wooden panels presentation. Discussing with one of the clients the bedroom project, we sough an advice from designer, and as a result the customer had been suggested with three options for room arrangement with our panels.

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