Solmaz Fooladi
Ukrainian architect of Iranian origin (architect)

Solmaz Fooladi is the Ukrainian architect of Iranian origin. She has a large number of implemented projects, vivid performances, title  "The Concrete Queen" of Ukrainian architecture and design, and that is the most important, she has her own unique style - Persian Modern, that is a combination of east colors` riot and patterns with Nordic European character.


Studio Persian Primavera

Kangaroo Nursery School


Optics Collection

The work on joint projects has helped to implement fresh and new ideas in unexpected ways. In collaboration with YourFoRest, Solmaz created a line of individual wooden panels - Optics. Thus were born three unique projects - 3D Cube, Hexagon and Hexagon S.

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Bedrooms project

Our cooperation with Solmaz Fooladi isn`t limited by her own author's collection of wooden panels presentation. Discussing with one of the clients the bedroom project, we sough an advice from designer, and as a result the customer had been suggested with three options for room arrangement with our panels.

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