Why with Us


YourFoRest is the Ukrainian brand of wooden panels. We create our collections in collaboration with Ukrainian and European designers. Every single our product is a personal history, smart design, perfect wood treatment and easy installation. We are extremely careful to details and to service quality. A high culture of wooodworking, a thorough selection of colors and textures, careful production and storage conditions is how we create our wall panels collections.Wooden wall panels by YourFoRest is a modern rethinking of the wood in the interior design.

We appreciate your trust in us! 
Yulia Korelska, CEO

Environmentally friendly materials

We offer the only environmentally friendly solutions. The panels are assembled from solid woods. The only the best materials are used for treatment.

Easy to install

Our specialists are ready to help you with paneling or you can do it yourself using all the necessary information as for size, drawings, and instructions we provide you with. Our specialists will cope with the installation quickly and professionally.


Special production technology. The only the best quality materials are applied.


Delivery all over the world.


Every single panel is hand-assembled by the experienced craftsmen who have been working with wood for decades and who are knowledgeable and skillful about wood treatment and storage.

Made in Ukraine

The panels are much cheaper than their foreign counterparts as we use Ukrainian wood and produce panels in Ukraine.

Unique painting technology

We use a special painting technique, and apply the only the best paints and varnishes, wax and oil. 

Warranty Period

Two years from the original date of purchase. After-sales service.

Unique design

We constantly replenish our wooden collections with new author's models. Talented Ukrainian and foreign designers are working on their creation. We are also open to customer`s ideas and help in creating their individual design of panels and furniture

Integrated solutions

For us, it’s important not only to make the panel, but also to “make a friendship” between all the elements of the interior - lighting, furniture, decor and so on. One of our developments in this direction is the tandems “furniture + wall panel”


It is important for us and our customers that along with new wooden products with which we decorate the interiors, new trees appear that decorate parks and squares. To this end, YourFoRest together with designers and customers plant trees in Kiev twice a year under the program “Use wisely - create with your soul”

For architects and designers, we have provided additional discounts and developed
3D models to simplify installation.