Elena Gritsenko
My calling is designing, my passion is architecture

3D models of panels greatly simplify designers their work on projects. Elena Gritsenko is exactly the person who recreates our panels in a virtual, digital format.   Ten of the panels in our collection of 2018 and 2019 have been already drawn by her hands in 3dsMax . Also, her "pen" has created the visualizations of panels in the interior. They help to see the nature of a particular wooden decor and choose the best application for it.

Elena Gritsenko: “My calling is designing, my passion is architecture” - this is how I could describe my work and my life. I am an architect-designer, and in my projects I “preach” functionalism and rationality. I believe that everything in the interior should be beneficial, have its own function and be harmonious with the environment. I use 3d-visualization to convey my ideas and vision of the future object. It helps me quickly find a common language with the customer. Therefore, I can safely call myself also a 3d artist. ”

Wood House

The Wood House project is a modern ecological home for the family. The main material used in the project is wood. Wood is used not only in the interior, but the constructive structure of the house is made of wood too, as well as windows and doors. All used materials are environmentally friendly , this was one of the customers' requirements.

the house is a fortress

O&W bar

O&W bar is a project designed for a young family of entrepreneurs who are engaged in the restaurant business. Oysters Wine Bar is a wine shop-cafe with a huge selection of wine and fresh oysters. The objective of the project was to create a convenient store and a cozy place to stay in the residential area of the Kyiv region - Sofia City. The main wish of the customers was the use of dark deep colors and some classic elements.

the house is a fortress


Visualization of Wood Diamond Panel

One wall decor and two completely different in character interiors - with the help of these visualizations Elena Gritsenko successfully demonstrated a wide range of interpretation of the Wood Diamond panel in the interior

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Visualization of  Mangroves panels

Visualization of Mangroves panels

The complexity of the visualization of Mangroves enclosed in a large number of polygonal elements that form the natural randomness of the panel image. Elena completed this difficult task and was able to convey the atmosphere of the interior of the wabi-sabi.

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