Customization of typical products

Specialist consultation
Have a furniture drawing but it doesn't fit your project?

Or did you like one of the YorFoRest models, and you want exactly this one, but a little different?

Our designers are ready to solve this problem: we will make the most desired furniture suitable just for you!

The service includes:

• Measurements with a furniture master

• Sketch in the form of a 3d model on a white background of a customized model (2-3 options to choose from)

• Drawing of the selected version of the model (detailed processing of the constructive)

• Selection of materials (selection of the type of material, preparation of paint patterns, milling samples, selection of fittings)

• Detailing of the designer with a full specification of materials and fittings

• Calculation of cost on own production

• Information support and technical support for the designer and constructor
Yourforest is always a guarantee


Rational use of natural resources


Work of professional
Ukrainian masters

Environmentally friendly

Use only the best wood


Simple and convenient installation of wall panels