Variants of using wooden mosaic in decorating walls and furniture

Mosaic has been used in interior decoration for a long time. The walls and ceilings were decorated with pieces of glass, stone, ceramics, wood - the particles fitted to each other were added together and formed an original pattern. Today, wooden mosaic is a popular detail in modern interiors of apartments and houses, with which you can highlight accents and create unique compositions.

Wooden mosaic has a unique pattern, conveys the texture of wood, its unevenness and imperfection of shades. At the same time, wood wall decoration is a practical solution, since such decor has heat-retaining properties, a long service life and goes well with other materials.

The technology for the production of wooden panels is quite simple - a wooden massif is cut into elements of appropriate sizes, which, in turn, are glued onto a plywood or chipboard substrate. Such modules are installed by YourFoRest specialists on a previously prepared surface using the appropriate mounts.

The sizes of tiles, their configuration and shape can vary. It is also possible to manufacture from various types of wood - the most popular are oak, ash and maple. With the help of toning, you can not only organically "fit" the wall panel into the interior. Today, technologies allow you to create a complete picture of wood - stylish, durable and environmentally friendly. YourFoRest offers several options for the most relevant wooden mosaic for a modern interior:

Classic Wood Mosaic, or Mosaic Pixels is a dynamic set of wood pixels, a mix of three wood species. A live, voluminous composition that can be used to decorate both the entire wall and individual sections.

With the help of artistic tinting, you can create the effect of "dead pixels" - and the wall panel will sparkle in a new way.

Another version of the classic mosaic is a set of elements on the Mosaic Trace wooden panel. The volume of the composition is created by placing elements of the same size at different heights. Mosaic Trace retains in its drawing a unique tree pattern, its unique structure.

Artistic tinting transforms Mosaic trace into real works of art - Mosaic Paintings. YourFoRest can recreate any design ideas on a wooden panel - interpretations of paintings, ornaments, photographs, images. Modern solutions allow you to make the interior author's, custom, reflecting the mood and character of its owner.

Wooden mosaic can be simple and laconic, but "plays" in the interior with appropriate toning. Mosaic Patina is a stylish example of a panel that shows its character in artistic tinting. Cold silver, warm copper or bright gold - this panel brings light and richness, gloss and originality to the interior.

For lovers of more complex solutions, YourFoRest, together with the Ukrainian designer Andriy Sokruta, have developed a honeycomb-shaped mosaic - Mosaic Honey. Juicy, voluminous panels are a loud accent in the interior of the room. Mosaic Honey - panels with character, they will not only complement the interior, but will become its central element. This mosaic is suitable for decorating a niche, headboard, wall parts, creating wooden panels.

When creating interior ideas with wooden mosaics, YourFoRest designers gravitate towards non-trivial solutions. Mixing various textures and materials is one of our favorite techniques. Ash panel Mosaic Honey Mirror contains mirrored inserts scattered randomly over the wood panel. The mirror reflects light, emphasizes the tone and texture of the wood, and allows the panel to "play" depending on the lighting in the room. Honeycombs can be made of various diameters, the configuration of mirror inserts is also an artistic solution for each specific interior.

For more than 5 years, YourFoRest, together with designers from Ukraine and Europe, has been bringing to life original, eco-friendly and practical interior solutions made of natural wood. In tandem with our panels, we have developed the Mosaic furniture collection - wooden mosaic has texturedly played with the usual furniture wardrobe items, giving them mood and character.