Alena Sergienko
Positive energy is the most capacious characteristic for interiors created by Alena Sergienko. Her positive attitude in everything is the key to creating an interior with a soul.

I truly love what I do. I love people, my customers. I want to not only design an ergonomic, functional and beautiful space, but also create a specific atmosphere for a particular person, his/her family. Atmosphere, in which each family's member will feel good.

it is important for me that customers feel really comfortable and cozy in their homes. The interior really comes to life when every detail is well thought out, considered, chosen with interest and love.


How does a designer become a customer like-minded? What super-qualities are needed? Is this task feasible for all customers?

Customers are always different, which is absolutely natural. I am always lucky to have good customers - beautiful and very interesting people. I easily find a common language and often I can calmly convince, but it was not always so - it came with experience. At the same time, I respect a person's vision, try to maximize it through my professional knowledge, my vision and skills. The customer feels care for his/her interior and begins to trust more. I do not have any super-qualities). Nevertheless it is impossible to be like-minded with each client because we are all really very different.

Among the variety of interior styles, which appeals to you the most and why?

My preferences are changed depending on each style, because each has its own charm. I like mixing styles, eclecticism is interesting to me. This is an opportunity to reveal different sides of wishes and combine incompatible - quite an interesting task.

It is important for the designer to be constantly in a trend or to pay more attention to timeless things that do not go out of fashion and do not become obsolete?

I respect timeless things, but at the same time I actively follow the current trends.

Do you have any exceptional people in your life, whose example inspires you in your work? (Not necessarily colleagues - architects and designers)

Yes, I'm often so inspired, but not so much by exceptional people, but rather just by people I meet in my life. Mostly I am surrounded by talented, kind, bright and very strong personalities, and this can not but inspire.

This adds motivation to be more useful for people and achieve higher results.


The project of a family apartment. Kyiv

A bright and gentle project, realized by Alena. We collaborated with Alena in creation of the boy's room. Two soft zones are designed here - a bed for sleep and a corner sofa for comfortable “hang out” with friends.
Zoning is implemented using a light wooden partition. In the decoration of the walls of the room is our bright accent, the panel 3D Rack.

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