Interior redesign: YourFoRest explores new horizons

In our work, YourFoRest specialists are always guided by an integrated approach: we provide the customer with the maximum comfort of cooperation - from 3D models and high-quality project drawings to complex installation. We strive to grow and develop, so in 2020 we began to implement a new service for our clients - the redesign of residential premises using designer wall panels and designer furniture manufactured by YourFoRest.

One of our favorite projects in 2020 was the redesign of the dining area of an exquisite private home in Krenichi, Kyiv region. The project was designed by the talented Elena Gritsenko, with whom YourFoRest has been cooperating for several years.

Elena Gritsenko:

The main wish of the customer was to update the interior without making major changes. The speed of project implementation was also important - from providing a mood board for the future interior to installation. We saw a bright, spacious dining room that lacked modernity and consistency. Dark furniture visually made the interior heavier, deep red and brown colors focused on themselves and narrowed the space.

Elena Gritsenko: The client was offered to replace the dining room furniture with a more spacious one, and to replace the kitchen set with a functional chest of drawers. We decided to move away from classic kitchen furniture as it did not fulfill its purpose. The end wall has become the central detail of the dining area - in the decoration we decided to use the Italy Classic wall panel, developed by the Italian designer Juanny Barcelò Borges especially for YourFoRest. Chest for storing cutlery and tableware - also made by YourFoRest.

Elena Gritsenko: The life of the inhabitants of the house is connected with horses, and for me and the hostess there was unanimous desire to fill the dining area with thematic decor. We wanted to preserve the massive oak doors, giving them a gloss and fitting into the interior by framing them with wall panels.

YourFoRest: Italy Classic wall panels are made of natural walnut. The panels, used in the project are without tinting, varnished. The design of the panels is a reference to the Italian classics, the decoration elements of the Renaissance coffered ceiling. The dimensions of the modules, used in the project are 300x300mm.

YourFoRest: The cutlery chest of drawers is made of painted MDF veneered with natural walnut, and its fronts are made of solid walnut panels. Used high quality Austrian fittings. In the decor of the wall panels, LED lighting is used, which adds volume and brightness to the wall.

Elena Gritsenko: The room turned out to be light and gentle, thanks to panoramic windows, white walls and furniture. The wall opposite the entrance is a fully glazed exit to the summer terrace. The interior is a mix of classic and ultra-modern decor, spacious and airy. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners at a stylish roomy table and comfortable chairs are a family tradition of the residents of the house. It was a pleasure for me to be a part of creating a new family history.

YourFoRest: Each wall panel is a unique story, lovingly designed by our designers and brought to life by our craftsmen. Wood is a plastic material that adapts to the mood of the room and fills it with warmth. The walnut used in the design of the dining room is real wood gold, with its own unique character, which plays in different shades depending on the lighting in the room.

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Author: Elena Belenkaya