Crossing worlds: Ikea's brightest collaborations

We have been accustomed for a long time for joint projects of show business and fashion retail stars, but the undisputed collaborative innovator in the world of interior design is the Swedish company Ikea. Ikea mixes two different worlds - interior design and fashion, breaking down established barriers and creating a completely new niche in retail. Over the past few years, Ikea has had a number of high-profile collaborations with designers, artists and media influencers. Read about the brightest of them in our review.

Ikea + Off-White - the first home for millennials

Markerad is a limited edition collection of home furnishings from the founder of streetwear brand Off-White, creative director of Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh, in conjunction with Ikea. When preparing the collection, the creators conducted a survey among young people who for the first time separated from their parents - how their houses are equipped, what things are most preferable and convenient for them. The result is a laconic collection of 15 items: carpets, wall clocks and shoppers with Off-White lettering, tables, chairs, couches, shelves, mirrors, door stops, bedding and even Mona Lisa reproductions with LED backlighting.

Ikea + Bea Åkerlund - gothic and kitsch in home décor

Bright accents in the calm, neutral interiors of Ikea are a daring collaboration with Swiss costume designer Bea Åkerlund. Bea is a favorite of celebrities in the world of show business, who has repeatedly created images on tours of Britney Spears and Beyoncé, as well as Lady Gaga's personal stylist. Stylish collection of 29 home decor items - red lip pillows, bowler hat vase, garment racks in daring gold - an unusual mix a la Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland.

Ikea + Chris Stemp - laconicism and geometry for buzzers

Californian Chris Stepm is a fashionable "street" designer, ascetic and minimalist, with the light hand of which the Ikea assortment has been replenished not only with household goods, but also with stylish T-shirts and hoodies. Transparent boxes for shoes, stands for things, laconic tables, rails for clothes and the first ever skateboard from Ikea - the SPÄNST collection targets the buzzers, reflects the mood of the new 20s.

Ikea + Katie Eari - a fairy tale and richness of colors

In 2016, London-based fashion designer Katy Eari created one of the most striking collections for Ikea - Giltig, which was sold out literally in a matter of days after the presentation. Crockery, floor lamps, home textiles with vivid illustrations by Katie - a home fairy tale for Ikea lovers.

Ikea + Walter Van Beirendonck - surrealism in interior accessories

In 2016, Ikea teamed up with Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck to launch a limited edition GLÖDANDE collection with bold and non-trivial prints. Fabrics, bags, dishes, carpets and stationery were painted in an unusual and highly recognizable fashion by the designer.

IKEA + Martin Bergstrom - Indian motives and monochrome

The simplicity and identity of Indian culture is reflected in the SVÄRTAN collection, designed by Swedish designer Martin Bergström in 2016 for Ikea. Inspiration came to the designer after a trip to India, and he decided to bring a little part of India to every home - the decor items depict imprints of Indian nature. Bed linen, textiles, carpets and dishes are made in black and white, but the unique design makes them stand out and does not leave customers indifferent.

IKEA Ilze Crawford - eco-style and natural motives

The confident trend towards eco-motives was embodied in the collection of home decor items by industrial designer Ilze Crawford. The SINNERLIG collection contains over 30 items that elegantly complement modern interiors.

Ikea + Design studio HAY - functional and technological home furniture

In 2017, the Danish design studio HAY created the minimalist furniture collection Ypperlig for Ikea - an outward simplicity that hides thoughtful design and sophisticated functionality. These are high-quality and durable goods, in the "spirit" of Ikea traditions, the price of which is affordable for most buyers.

The best is yet to come: what Ikea is preparing for us

Ikea + LEGO - play and storage

BYUGGLEK is the most anticipated Ikea collaboration for moms and dads. The collection will include storage container sets and Lego bricks. The main idea is to make the process of cleaning the constructor fun by turning it into a game. The containers are made in the form of blocks, on the sides and on the lid of which there are grooves - products from the construction set can be attached to containers, stored both inside and outside.

Ikea + NASA - space flight at home

RUMTID is a collaboration for the most ardent lovers of space symbols. Ikea never ceases to amaze, creating the most unexpected mixes. This time, we have a themed line of home products, consisting of futuristic lamps, terrarium, air purifier and furniture made from recycled wood and garbage.

Ikea is an innovator and trendsetter, creating a fundamentally new niche in the rapidly changing world of trading. In a market overcrowded with goods and services, in order to grab the attention of the client, companies offer individual catchiness, customization and uniqueness. Ikea is moving away from the usual forms of the mass market with the help of a bright collaboration pen - and sets the tone for doing business for numerous competitors.

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Author: Elena Belenkaya