London PAD Art+Design 2019 highlights of woodworking

An annual PAD fair (Pavilion Art + Design) took place in London from September 30 to October 6, 2019. It is a great event in the world of design.

It brings together top galleries of modern art and design from all over the globe. This year PAD London 2019 featured 68 galleries from 14 countries ranging from South Africa to South West London.

YourFoRest has visited Pavilion Art + Design to see firsthand new trends in design and how they make creative use of wood. Here are the brightest impressions the exhibition gave us.

Nature is the central theme of London PAD 2019

Nature in all its forms, animate and inanimate, was the leitmotif of many new collections presented at PAD. Nature shaped and organic shaped interior items were abundant. We saw a lot of wooden sculpture works at PAD. One of them was an extraordinary textured Carved Wood Panel created by Etienne Moyat. Indeed, the wood is hardened by fire, and it resembles feathers.

The ICE wooden series by Egeværk Studio is a kind of ice sculptures made of snow-white ash. To create this collection, artists Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen brought massive blocks of ice to their studio. They were watching the way the blocks were melting under various conditions. This experiment resulted in the series of the ICE wooden furniture.

The Sarah Myerscough Gallery presented several amazing woodworks.

Stone Console table by Christopher Kurtz resembles some carefully piled flat rocks. They are made of black walnut, ash, cherry and white oak wood.

Echoes of Amphora: Column Vessel is a handiwork of a London artist Eleanor Lakelin. She made these sequoia amphoras-columns, which are more than a meter high, with her own hands. They are part of the Echoes of Amphora collection that lets the perfect shapes of amphoras reveal the imperfect complex beauty of wood.

The sculptures by Nic Webb convey a similar message. We have written about him in one of our posts. There are two true artists in the studio: Nic and fire.

The stand of Todd Merrill Studio should be mentioned separately.

Todd Merrill Studio is a New York gallery that represents American contemporary craftsmen and designers.

At the PAD exhibition, the studio presented some incredible art nouveau items made of wood. A Papillon Cabinet designed by Jean-Luc Le Mounier is among them. The front panel of the cabinet is shaped like large butterfly wings. They are decorated with straw and covered with a silver patina.

Another bizarre cabinet is Unintended Series carved by artist Yunhwan Kim. She combined traditional carpentry and wooden sculpture. The cabinet doors look like big drops of melted metal that flow into each other.

Ethereal chairs and shelves from the Ethereal collection are created by artist Marc Fish. They are made of sycamore wood and epoxy resin. The thin and light lines create the impression of living creatures.

Marc Fish is the author of the famous Nautilus table. His style was born under the influence of art nouveau masters, in particular Louis Majorelle, the French furniture designer of the art nouveau era. "Orchid" Table by Louis Majorelle strongly impressed Marc. That's the source of his love for smooth lines and plant forms. Fish sees Ethereal as a new third substance that was born from the fusion of resin and wood.