Autumn Toloka 2021 - a green initiative and a holiday for friends

On October 23, 2021, the YourFoRest team held an annual event as part of the Sustainable Initiative. Autumn Toloka is an event where YourFoRest, together with friends and partners, plants young trees in parks and squares in Kiev and the Kiev region. For 6 years of existence of the Green Initiative from YourFoRest, more than 120 trees have already been planted.

The mission of YourFoRest is to create products from natural Ukrainian wood, to popularize new Ukrainian architecture and the ideas of conscious consumption.“We allocate part of the funds from each of our sales to restore the country's green resource. We believe that it is important not only to consume environmentally, but also to take care of the next generations. And I am glad to think that in 10-15 years I will be able to come to Goloseevsky Park together with my children and grandchildren and show a whole alley of already mature oaks, which appeared there with the joint efforts of YourFoRest clients, partners and friends, ”says Yulia Korelskaya, the founder and CEO YourFoRest.

For YourFoRest, the annual Toloka is not only about ecology, but always about team building. “Gathering together on a weekend with employees, getting to know their families, children, dogs is the best way to strengthen relationships in the team. We share a common view of work and get closer to each other. And physical labor in the fresh air is always a useful idea "- shares his impressions Artem, the architect of the YourFoRest team.

We at YourFoRest believe that it is better to join the initiative not only by financial contribution, but also by physical labor - this way we learn to feel an inextricable connection with nature and understand that we are all a single ecosystem.

“Toloka with YourFoRest is already a good tradition for our family. I have been working with YourFoRest for several years and fully share your view of work - today we must work so that tomorrow our children will live better. For me Toloka is a circle of like-minded people and a fun time "- comments designer Anna Lugovskaya.

This year we have planted 12 young oak trees in Goloseevsky Park - and not long ago the empty meadow acquired a completely different look. The magical colors of autumn are the best decorator for this friendly event.

“This year I was able to visit Toloka with my family - it was important for me to show my five-year-old daughter that nature needs our protection, and that everyone can join a great cause. Sustainability is a confident trend in modern architecture, and we are delighted to be part of this trend, ”says Alexandrina Lukach, Chief Designer, Intemporary Design Studio.

YourFoRest thanks Kievzelenbud for the support and invites everyone to join the initiative next year!