Olga Saborova and 
Alexander Karpinski

Olga Saborova and Alexander Karpinski
At the heart of the subject design of the U Concept are simple shapes, geometric patterns, light materials (designers)

The main ideologists of U Concept studio met on the Slava Balbek authors courses. Efficient work on the diploma project prompted the two designers Olga Saborova and Alexander Karpinski to combine the ideas and efforts under the sign of U Concept.

In the designers` projects you can feel the influence of colleagues from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands. At the basis of U Concept object design there are simple shapes, geometric patterns, light materials.

 Studio U Concept

U Concept Decor

In the U Concept interior design projects there used Scandinavian motifs interspersed with spatial canons of loft and juicy color schemes. But, despite the bold eclecticism, in every project designers handwriting is clearly visible: laconic and simplicity. One of the "first signs" of the design bureau became interior solutions "9th Heaven» and «Z-Apartment».

9 th Heaven


We share the Olga Saborova and Alexander Karpinski ideas, we like to see how they have successfully implemented projects one after the other, how their production generates interest and fall in love with. Personally, we like a range of the Wood Carpet Collection decorative panels, which you can purchase from us. 

Wood Carpet Collection 


Apartment project Eclectic Apartment

We were also pleased to take part in a creative project for Kiev apartments Eclectic Apartment. Batten Plank panels organically complementing the interior in the New York style, it became as a warm eco-concept in a complex U Concept color scheme.

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