"Apartment of the Hedonists" - the birth of the furniture collection Urban Chic

Each of our new projects is a unique story, which we approach with all love and delight. We create magic - from the most daring ideas of our customers to their filigree implementation. In the spring of 2020, the YourFoRest team joined the implementation of an interesting project - "Hedonist Apartments", the design of which was developed and implemented by talented designers from ID4U Studio.

Located in the historical center of Kiev, this spacious apartment with an area of 240 sq.m. - created by combining three small apartments. The house is run by a young family, so eternal values and family comfort have become the leitmotif of the design.

A young couple with a child often spends time together and surrounded by friends with children, so filling the living room with comfortable furniture is an important task, which the designers of ID4U Studio coped with perfectly well. The living room is filled with vintage furniture, natural wood, light and modern art. Inspired by the ideas of ID4U Studio, YourFoRest has created a set of cabinet furniture that perfectly complements the ensemble of the room.

The SideLine, chest of drawers, which discreetly became the beginning of a whole series of cabinet furniture, is a vintage mood and modern comfort. The chest of drawers is made of solid ash and matches the color scheme with natural parquet, which has a classic Versailles pattern. Its milled fronts echo the tart 60-70s, timeless elegance.

Стелаж The Frame rack is laconic and capacious, it carries the aesthetics of a cold loft, diluted with the softness of natural wood. The black color of the metal, the unusual shape of the sides of the shelves, the filigree combination of smooth and milled elements - Frame visually deepens the space and becomes its integral element.

The inkblot of the bright interior is the bold Sense desk. Situated by the window, Sense creates an atmosphere of orderliness and tranquility around it. It separates the working area from the recreation area by itself only in austere black color: an interesting design solution that we take note of.

The apartment is divided into two zones: public and private. The dining area is composed of a closed kitchen and open dining area, which are separated from each other by a light glass partition. The flagship of the dining room is the Ring, dining table, whose wood texture is accentuated by the soft light of the room. It got its name from the rounded shape of the tabletop, and to put it on three legs instead of the usual four is our common idea with the designers of ID4U Studio. The dining table is always the centerpiece of the dining room, and its choice must be approached with all seriousness. YourFoRest confidently tackles the most difficult tasks: we create furniture according to customer preferences, in individual sizes and from the best wood.

A separate story of this bright apartment is the large windows covered with natural linen. The color scheme of the premises plays differently in daylight and artificial lighting, therefore, according to the designers' intention, the windows are not curtained for as long as possible. To make them neat and finished, YourFoRest has crafted an elegant natural ash veneer sill. Window sills are the final note in the interior of the apartment. As a theater begins with a coat rack, a perfect interior begins with windows - and it is our favorite job to frame them with high quality natural wood.

The "hedonists" bedroom is a symbiosis of beige and warm gray, soft lines and comfort of every element of the space. It is tenderness and comfort, to which we were honored: for this furniture ensemble, we created the Glare bedside tables. Made of solid walnut, they have a unique wood texture and distinctive color. Filigree execution of the smallest details is our pride and corporate signature.

The furniture that we have developed for the master's bathroom is a laconic duet of a mirror and a washbasin cabinet, which matches the mood of the room with the help of artistic tinting, and the exquisite cabinetry of the cabinet is designed in the same tone as brass mixers, hangers and shower cabinets. The frame of the mirror, made of solid ash, echoes the shape of the bath with its soft shape. The porcelain stoneware worktop with two built-in washbasins is a practical solution for a large family.

The Hedonists' Apartment is an interesting and multi-layered interior full of details and iconic decor items. Vintage armchairs from the 50s and 70s, a collection of paintings by modern Ukrainian artists, authentic art objects, a lot of natural wood and natural flowers - a design thought out to the smallest detail. At the same time, it is a meticulously planned space that gives daily comfort to all its residents. The "Hedonists' Apartment" will delight its inhabitants for many years, and the furniture history of Urban Chic by YourFoRest, which originates in it, will give our clients the opportunity to touch the art of modern Ukrainian custom furniture business.