Architect Alexander 

Architect Alexander Kornienko
A successful interior is a complete freedom of imagination ...

He is the founder and head of the project group "KORNIENKO + PARTNERS".

The interior and architectural designs of his team are always the clarity and expressiveness of the concept, pure colors, optimism and freedom.


Alexander, what projects do you prefer? Designer or architectural and why?
All projects are good in their own way. I do not see any reason to divide projects into architectural and designer - they are the whole.

There are diverse specialists in your successful team: designers, architects, construction specialists, how can they be united by one goal?
The team is united only by the final result.

Your work is not ordinary and very expressive. What criteria are most important for you in determining a successful interior?
A successful interior is a complete freedom of imagination ...

Is it possible to develop creativity and where do you get inspiration for interesting ideas?
You can develop any ability if you have a very large desire, ... Inspiration ... and what is it? I still can not understand where it comes from and where it goes. There is no more inspiration than its complete absence, only in such a situation it comes to the help ...An IDEA.

Tell us about your recent projects and the unconventional tasks which you had to solve.
An interesting task was set by the Customers in one of the projects of a three-level apartment in a very well-known residential complex . There was a small addition except the organization of the interior space for a young family. The addition was in the form of a cat, yes, real and fluffy. This pet had to move along three levels of the apartment with a special interest for itself. We organized "cat friendly spaces" - Special fasteners, mini staircases, playgrounds, bridges, holes were fixed on the walls, in general, everything, so the pet wasn't bored to move around in three levels of its apartment. Most importantly, all elements had to harmoniously fit into the interior, and the cat's and master's pedestrian streams should not have crossed. Many cats dream of such a luxurious life .... Everyone should feel comfortable!

What great goals do you set for yourself as a designer, architect, and for your office?
Residential interiors are good ... I want to go further, cover non-residential fund, this direction is interesting for us.

What trends, in your opinion, will prevail in the architecture and design of Ukraine for the next 5 years? Have your customers' tastes and preferences already changed?
The closest and future trend will be functionalism in all its manifestations, but how innovatively and unforgettably present it to the public will depend on the author's skill and talent. In my opinion, we shouldn't argue about tastes and preferences and they should not be discussed loudly . The Customer's taste can be changeable like the weather in the early spring, but the Architect-designer should act as the regulator of taste preferences and has the last word in the design.


Designer project "Sherwood". Apartment in Kyiv

This is a completed apartment project for the family. 130 m2 of apartment space are organized as functionally as possible, so that there is more free space. There are color and texture accents and the realm of natural materials that play role of the key points in this space . One of such key points was our wall panels Batten Plank in the hallway and Mosaic Pixels in the bedroom.

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