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In fruitful cooperation with the PR agency B&T Projects, the conceptual furniture collection EasyStory is entering the international market in the spring. We are sharing with you a press release that has successfully circled the European media, because Ukraine is the newest star in the arena of world design.

The impetus for studying furniture mobility was the experience of the legendary Italian designer of the 20th century Enzo Mari. His Autoprogettazione project prompted designers to turn to the DIY (Do It Yourself) format again. Similar to Enzo Mari's idea, EasyStory designers involve the user in creating a new design object. Natural material, laconic shapes, clear design, and most importantly, a unique patented fastening system that does not require the use of nails and screws, allowed YourForRest designers to give EasyStory owners a new experience and the opportunity to feel like co-creators of products.

EasyStory is a kind of game that teaches the user to look at the essence of design in a different way and as a result, they get affordable, mobile, and comfortable furniture.

"For us, design is a discipline that helps us study and analyze social, cultural, and even political processes. We can't take an abstract idea and turn it into an object; each of our projects starts with our own observations, hobbies, and conclusions. The impetus for the EasyStory collection was the unexpectedly changing rhythm and lifestyle of a modern person. We used to live by the rules of the lockdown, and now we are witnessing the migration crisis. Having seen life scenarios on our own experience, we have developed a mobile, aesthetic and functional furniture collection that will be a convenient start for a new life or an easy continuation of the old one in a new place," comments Yulia Korelska, founder of YourForRest.

The EasyStory collection consists of 6 items: EasyBed, EasyDesk, EasyHanger, EasySeat, EasyTable and EasyTray. Each item can be a complement to another Easy- or act as a separate universal unit. It is delivered in a convenient bag for further transportation and has detailed instructions.

EasyStory is a balanced combination of function and aesthetics, where timeless shapes and natural eco-friendly materials allow the collection to remain relevant for many years of active use.

The furniture collection was developed in collaboration with the Ukrainian subject designer Olena Hrytsenko.

Photo: Serhii Savchenko

Release: PR-agency B&T Project